Supra1 Remix of Little Jinders - Polyhedron

Veröffentlicht auf von Adam Port

MeiMeine Hombois von Supra1 dropten kürzlich eine Dubstep Remix Bombe von den Little Jinder Track Polyhedron!! Rausgekommen ist das ganze auf Trouble & Bass Recordings.

Unbedingt anhören!!! I LOVE IT!
Es ist der erste Track in Supra1s Myspaceplayer.

Supra1 @ Myspace
Little Jinder @ Myspace

polyhedron is a remix of swedish singer named little jinder, it's out on a absolutely wicked new york label trouble&bass. won the remix contest, got it released. it's now caught attention of a huge number of top players in the game, e.g. drop the lime, martelo, andy george, foamo, mikix the cat, rico tubbs, l-vis 1990 and many others.

up middle finger is a remix of blackfinger's original tune. blackfinger comes from nottingham and realeases on trouble&bass as well. this one is out in February, you can check its clip on our myspace.

born to bouce is a rework of rico tubbs original tune. rico tubbs is a sick producer from finland, top notch in jackin house scene. this one should be out soon on menu music, london label.

this is it man ! we also want to put up an original SUPRA1 tune bye NYE and then release a mixtape in early 2009 featuring all out tracks plus a few exclusives from the camp.
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